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Optimising Brains & Businesses

Call it Life Coaching, Performance Coaching or Executive Coaching. It’s all about you.
Life is not a race; it is an experience, and YOU should own this experience.

Success is subjective to you and the criteria you define, business success; on the other hand, does have specific standards.
What are they, and how do you measure up?

We are born, we’re raised (hopefully) by guardians (a lucky majority have parents), and then we go out into the world to experience it. Along the way, we learn more about ourselves, about others and create beliefs which empower or limit us.

These are our belief strategies, our life recipes. You can find a recipe to bake a cake, a plan to get a job, a tactic to win a game, but there is no simple recipe for success in life – or is there?

Some of us desire for more and start the journey of entrepreneurship, yet seem to repeat the same year, every year!

If you’re looking to get from A-B faster, we’re talking about months or years as opposed to decades; than coaching is for you. The purpose of a coach is to work with you to help you get where you want to be in a shorter period. I believe YOU already have the resources. We need to look at the tools you’ve been using!

Are you ready for change, ready to awaken your dreams or achieve your goals? I’d love to help serve YOU to achieve YOUR VISION and your purpose, whether it is your business, career or your life? I’m a certified Coach, Hypnotherapist and Digital Marketing Consultant.

I use my training and tools to help us to achieve YOUR success in the areas we define together. Let’s create that road-map to your success, in your life, to your vision, on your terms. I look forward to being of service!



Naz has provided my agency Fourhands Designs with business development and coaching for the past 2 years, which has helped develop my agency into an award winning “Best New Startup Finalist”. I would highly recommend Naz to anyone looking to grow their business and online presence.

Jordan Beynon, Director, FourHands Designs – Business, Marketing & SEO Coaching Client


Naz helped me pinpoint what I wanted to work on and gave me methods that were bite-size to accomplish this. As the weeks went on after my sessions, I found that I was making decisions and taking actions that I would not have had the confidence of strength in my own voice to do before. I would recommend Naz to anyone wanting to push themselves but not sure how to do so.

Verity Powell, Prop Maker & Illustrator, Verily Merily – Performance Coaching Client


Being in the extremely competitive world of media, it has been essential to have a powerful SEO strategy. Naz Haque helped me to grown my publication grow from a small-time blog to compete with The Guardian, The Telegraph and Rotton Tomatoes. With number 1 rankings out of billions of results, his SEO Consultancy has been invaluable.

Chris Olson, Founder, UK Film review – SEO Coaching / SEO Consulting Client



Results Driven By Education + Experience

Learners Are Earners.

While I do hold several more accredited qualifications/certifications including a 1st Class University Degree (BSC with honours).
The most invaluable lessons I’ve learned, are from life, after that, non-accredited courses, workshops and my mentors.

I’ve invested over £120,000 into education and personal development as well as Sales & Marketing training.

I’m a partner/non-executive director in a handful of marketing & service companies, and an investor in several startups and SMB/SMEs.


How can I help?

What fits with your needs & wants via 1-2-1 or group sessions? Click the heading for more info.

You are a Sole trader or Start-up wannabe looking to leave the rat-race but don’t know where to start, or you have a business under £60k per year, and you need some clarity and direction. You are ready to deliver services to generate a further £20k+ per year minimum.

You are an SMB/SME or agency billing £80-800k per year seeking to sustainably grow your client base and revenue without being tied up with expensive marketing agencies.

You want to gain more conversions, leads or improve your in-house team’s organic marketing skills for SEO + Social Media. You’re ready to deliver services which help increase your revenue by £120k py (average).

You should be a CEO, High-Level Exec looking to get to the next step and know something is holding you back. You’re ready to take responsibility and create change.



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